Best Time to Visit Tibet

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Weather, Climate and Best Time to Visit Tibet

Tibet Weather and Climate
The climate in Tibet is unique and complex due to the influence of topography,  Generally, the climate is cold and dry in the northwest, warm and humid in the southeast. The climatic types from southeast to northwest are tropical, subtropical, plateau temperate, plateau subtropical, plateau cold and other types.
What Is the Best Time to Visit Tibet?
It’s the questions pops up in every tourists’ mind when they are planning a new tour. However, this simple questions may have a complex answer for Tibet travel.
Even though Tibet can be visited all the year round and each season of it exhibit its unique feature, so what time for traveling to Tibet definitely depends on tourists own part
Due to the weather, holiday periods or other reasons, the peak seasons marks the most popular times of the year for traveling in Tibet, but the hotels, air tickets and travel agents are over booked, so the prices are much higher than it of other times. Shoulder and off season are always with best tour price offer, and hope here below details could help you find your answers easier.

Tibet Travel Seasons
Peak season: July to October.
Shoulder season: April to June
Low season: November to March.
Note: Due to Government restrictions, Tibet will be annually closed in March to foreign visitors, and it will re-open from early April. Please kindly pay attention this when planning Tibet tour
Tibet Travel in Different Seasons
Spring (March, April, May)

In Spring Tibet can be called the paradise on Earth, the blooming peach blossoms surprised people by its vivid beauty, the smell of the rich fragrance spreads into everywhere, snowy peaks soar into the clouds, this magnificent Spring brings you into a picturesque state.


Summer (June, July, Aug)

Tibet’s Summer starts from June to Aug. they are the warmest period of whole year, but at some areas over 4000 meters are still cold at night. The peak seasons will attract lots visitors to come and visit, but this period is also the rainy season in Tibet, it will rain for several times a week, but not everyday. Peak seasons are always with higher cost as the train ticket, the hotels and vehicle in market are over booked, so if you are free at other times, it is also a good choice for Tibet travel in other seasons.

namtso lake

Autumn (Sept. Oct. Nov,)

Autumn is the best time to visit Tibet, not rainy and not hot, you have more chances to see the purify azure blue sky and snow-capped mountains, the temperature are perfectly comfortable, it is also a good time periods for leisure trekking. The green straight trees, the red and golden roof, the clean streams and silver covered mountains composed a poetic picture.

potala palace

Winter (Dec. Nov, Feb)

Lazily enjoy sunshine, the temperature is as not cold as you imagined. Without noisy visitors, sunshine turns to the master of this area. Not only the bright sunshine, the azure blue sky, but also the eyes of the locals and the flowing prayer colorful flags are spread with purity. In February, Tibet New year is gradually approaching, smell of Tibetan flavor is flowing in the air,  with rich original culture, all kinds of Tibetan traditional activities start quietly to welcome the new beginning.


Reference of Temperature in Different Places 
Climate and temperatures of Tibet in every sections are quite different, as a high plateau area, the temperatures difference can be 5-10 degrees in a day. For planning your Tibet tour well, it is better to know the weather information in advance and prepare your clothing properly based on the climate there.Average Climate of Some Cities by Month.

High (ºC) Low (ºC)
LhasaShigatse  TsedangNyingchi
Jan. 6.8 -10.25.7 -13.1  7.6 -9.07.9 -5.3
Feb.9.2 -3.98.0 -9.5 9.9 -5.9 9.8 -2.7
Mar. 12.0 -3.211.0 -5.412.9 -2.4   13.0 -0.1
Apr.15.7-0.9 15.5 -0.716.9- 1.3 16.5- 3.2
May 19.7- 5.119.5 -3.420.4 -5.2 18.8- 6.8
Jun.22.5 -9.222.1 -7.6  22.9- 8.920.9 -10.0
Jul. 21.7- 9.9   21.0- 8.722.5 -10.1 22.1- 11.2
Aug.20.7- 9.4 19.6 -8.1 21.5- 9.522.1 -10.7
Sep19.6 -7.6 18.7 -5.8  20.5 -7.6    20.3 -9.2
Oct.16.4 -1.4 15.2 -1.2   17.1- 1.8   17.2 -4.9
Nov. 11.6 -5.0 10.7 -8.0 12.4 -4.1  12.9 -0.7
Dec.  7.7 -9.1 7.0 -12.3   8.7 -7.9     9.6 -4.5

Monthly Night Temperature of Everest Base Camp or Mt Kailashi (ºC)

JanFeb Mar Apr May Jun  July   Aug Sept Oct NovDec
-13    -12-9  -8  -5 -1  2-1 -6 -7 -10

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