Theme Tour

We Provide Various Theme Tours

Do you have a particular area of interest? Is there a part of Tibet that you have always wanted to explore in-depth? Our themed tours allow you to delve deep into the culture and experiences that peak your interest and leave you feeling satisfied and inspired.

We offer tours that not only specialize on the natural gems of Tibet, but also allow you to explore through a variety of mediums including hiking, cycling, art, and photography. You can style your trip exactly the way you want it and pick your means of exploration from a variety of offers on our themed tours page. Catch breath-taking sights and intriguing attractions through the lens that suits your skills and talents, or try something new for an exciting and new experience that expands your horizons and brings you to new understandings.

Our themed tours have been tried and adored by countless clients who have dared to leave their comfort zone and try a life-changing medium of travel. Please contact us today to know more about our deals and how we can create a specific tour for you that meets all your needs.

Let’s explore. Let’s travel.